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Human Health Announces FY2021 Annual Results
Garnered the "2021 Health Partnership Award" -Outstanding Comprehensive Health Service by ETNET

Human Health Care was awarded the "2021 Health Partnership Award" -Outstanding Comprehensive Health Service by ETNET.


With the theme of "Facing Tomorrow's Self", the "2021 Health Partnership Award" organized by ETNET commends the award-winning companies/organizations for their contributions to individuals and society in healthcare products, services, medical insurance plans and their industries in the past year. Make outstanding contributions to development, and commend them to raise consumers' awareness of their life-long physical, mental, and spiritual health, and work hard for the mission of improving citizens' values ​​of health. A total of 26 awards were awarded to companies in 8 fields.

Garnered the "2021 Outstanding Social Responsibility Enterprise Award" by Hong Kong Commercial Daily

The award ceremony was held on the afternoon of the 26th August at the InterContinental Grand Stanford Hotel. The outstanding socially responsible entrepreneurs were strictly selected by a jury composed of business leaders and experts, with outstanding performance in the five categories of "employee care", "caring for society", "environmental sustainability" and "value innovation", we actively promote the sustainable development of community charity and caring for the society.

The community vaccination centre at Yau Oi Sports Centre, Tuen Mun commenced operation today

The Secretary for Food and Health, Sophia Chan, visited the community vaccination center of the Tuen Mun Yau Oi Sports Centre operated by Human Health at around 12 noon today. Yau Oi Sports Centre is one of the largest community vaccination centers in Hong Kong, and it operated smoothly on the first day. At present, there are 18 vaccination rooms in the center, and it is estimated that about 3,000 doses of vaccines can be vaccinated every day. The professional medical team of Human Health hopes to contribute to the protection of public health during the pandemic, by vaccinating the citizens as soon as possible in order to establish herd immunity, and to enable society resume normal operations gradually.

According to government statistics, a total of nearly 380,000 people have made appointments for vaccination. Community vaccination centers operate from 8am to 8pm every day. If necessary, citizens can go to the government's online appointment system to accept appointments.

If the elderly need assistance in making an appointment, they can contact the nearest elderly centre, or ask for assistance at the post office or the office of the public housing estate where they live.

In addition, all our medical centers have participated in the government's COVID-19 vaccination programme. People who belong to the priority group are welcome to call or visit the general medical center to register for free vaccination.


Regarding the COVID-19 vaccination programme
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Human Health fully supports the COVID-19 vaccination arrangements. All of our medical centers have participated in the government's COVID-19 vaccination programme. In addition, we will also be responsible for operating one of the community vaccination centre at Tuen Mun Yau Oi Sport Center with the approved used Vaccines injection.

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Together We Fight Against COVID-19

Time flies, Hong Kong has already reached the first anniversary of the country’s first case of COVID-19 pandemic. As one of the largest medical groups in Hong Kong, Human Health shoulders the responsibility of caring for its employees and the community. We must stick to our posts, actively pursue social responsibilities, and use our medical expertise and stay at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. Also, with a strong medical team provides reliable guidance for the public, we actively assist in relevant anti-epidemic actions and responds to social needs. Since the first imported case, Human Health has been taking all necessary precautions, taking the lead in further strengthening relevant infection control measures in all medical centers. Until the end of January 2020, more locally confirmed cases began to appear. Faced with the rapid spread of the epidemic and the increasing number of cases of unknown origin, Human Health understands that before a vaccine is available, citizens should be encouraged to test as soon as possible and cut the chain of transmission. It is the key to fighting the epidemic.


Since February 2020, we have fully participated in the Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme of the Department of Health, taking the lead in providing new coronavirus tests. Until the third wave of local epidemics broke out in July, faced with a serious shortage of testing, Human Health has closely negotiated with multiple testing agencies to set up collection points in different regional centers for the convenience of the public, and reduced testing prices while significantly increasing daily testing The quota has reached more than 1,000 to meet the needs of citizens for testing and reduce the burden on citizens. From July to August, we have processed more than 20,000 tests and successfully identified more than 100 confirmed cases, contributing to the control of the community epidemic.


To cater for public health and cross-border customs clearance needs, we provide different testing options, including government laboratories, express services, etc., and support electronic reports. In September 2020, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government launched a two-week COVID-19 universal community testing program. Human Health Medical Group actively participated and supported, and dispatched medical staff with extensive medical experience to provide services in Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi community testing centers. At present, our medical team continues to co-organize and provide testing services in various districts, including supporting community testing centers, specific groups, company groups, etc., and providing professional process recommendations and manpower arrangements for testing services.



In addition, all doctors of Human Health have cooperated with the government's instructions to registered doctors, stipulating that people suspected of being infected should undergo mandatory testing, hoping to achieve the goal of community prevention and control.


Provide outreach and remote consultation services


In order to promote and promote primary health care, the group's outreach medical service team has so far provided relevant lectures, epidemic prevention skills training, influenza vaccination, etc. for elderly homes and company groups in different institutions.


In the past few months, many people have tried to minimize going out to reduce the risk of infection, but for some chronically ill patients who need to go to the hospital for regular checkups or treatment, in order to prevent the new coronavirus, they have not been able to go to the hospital or clinic for follow-up treatment in time To this end, Human Health provides remote consultation services so that people in need can get the medical services they need in time.


Fully prepare for vaccination


Vaccination is the world's best hope for getting out of the epidemic. Human Health has expressed its full support for the new coronavirus vaccination plan being prepared by the government. In addition to the general mobilization team to fight the epidemic, the group has recruited relevant medical personnel to respond to emergencies and make related deployments at any time. We will also maintain close communication with the government and the industry, and continue to actively fight the epidemic with the public.

Interview with Chief Medical Officer of Human Health

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Clarification Statement
Clarification Statement

Clarification Statement


Clarification Statement: “Human Health Holdings Limited” has not launched any online investment platforms and investment products


Human Health Holdings Limited (the “Company”) is recently aware that there are unauthorized use of the Company’s name and trademark in websites for soliciting business. The entities as shown on each of the Certificate of Incorporation, Membership Certificate of National Internet Finance Association of China* (中國互聯網金融協會會員證書) and Anti-fraud System Access Unit Certificate of China Electronic Commerce Association* (中國電子商務協會反欺詐系統接入單位證書), etc. displayed on such websites are not related to the Company and its subsidiaries.      


Human Health Holdings Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in the Cayman Islands in 2015 and is principally engaged in the provision of comprehensive, one-stop and quality healthcare services to the public.


The Company hereby makes a solemn statement and clarification that the Company has neither launched any online investment platform and investment product in the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”), nor appointed any company, organisation, bank or individual to launch any online investment platform and investment product in the PRC, or to raise funds from the public.  


The Company reserves all its rights for claims or demands against any person or organisation which copies or uses the name or the trademark of the Company for any purpose without obtaining the Company’s prior authorisation.


For further enquiry concerning the above statement, please call us at +852 3971 8274.



Human Health Holdings Limited


*for identification purpose only


In the event of any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version of this Clarification Statement, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Clarification Statement
Start preparing flu season, get your free flu vaccine

The 20/21 "Vaccination Subsidy Scheme" will be launched on October 8, 2020. Human Health will provide a free dose of quadrivalent influenza vaccine to eligible Hong Kong residents under the Government subsidy program.

Eligible persons include:
✅Pregnant woman
✅Children (6 months to under 12 years old) or;  
  Children 12 years of age or older but still attending primary schools in Hong Kong
✅Person of age 50 or above
✅Intellectually disabled
✅Recipients of Disability Allowance
✅receipients of standard rate of "100% Disabled" or "Requiring Constant Attendance" Under CSSA

Citizens who are interested in receiving flu vaccines this quarter can visit any our medical centres to register for themselves and their family members as needed.

Others are charged at $240 per person.

Coronavirus Test (COVID-19)

This is the announce that Human Health has participated in the Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme by the Centre of Health Protection. All of our medical centres with General Practice provide the coronavirus (COVID-19) test. The test uses "RT-PCR" technology, which has higher sensitivity than general antibodies quick test. The virus can be detected even if the sample contains only a very trace amount of viral genes. In addition, more than 90% of patients show ground glass opacity in their Lung X-rays. Lung X-rays and low-dose CT Scan can more clearly rule out related risks.  


Who is this test suitable for?

Asymptomatic but afraid / suspected infection*

More likely to infect high-risk individuals (elderly and chronically ill) *

People with symptoms such as fever and upper respiratory infections

People currently under home quarantine *




* Persons in this group are not suitable to participate in the " Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programme " and will be referred to a private laboratory


Test results are affected by patient infection, sampling method and sample delivery



For charges and sample collection arrangements, please contact us.